What are we aiming for with this website?

Modernist thinking assumes that humanity is moving towards a prosperous and peaceful future. But we do not believe that the superficial illusory world that many media serve us leads to greater happiness. For that is what we are about: we want to be in the deepest sense of the words “seekers of happiness” and with God’s help also “bringers of happiness”. Our expectations do not go in the direction of material prosperity, but in those of personal inner enrichment, in harmony with our true spiritual nature.

From which we put our certainty? First, from a Bible’s belief in a God who is not a distant tyrant, but our loving Father, who can forgive even the heaviest sins. Second, out of our faith in His Son, who taught us what God expects of us.  Third, out of a concern for the spread and deepening of his evangelical message. Fourth, from a Christian attitude that respects those who think differently and can even approach enemies as fellow human beings on the wrong track. Fifthly, out of love for the spiritual, moral, and factual truth, which together forms the indispensable basis for proper doing and leaving.

We do our best to introduce our readers to the impressive wealth of insight and wisdom Christ bequeathed to us, both directly and through his Church. Your questions and comments are welcome.

Catholic profile and related sites

On social media, quite a few “Catholic” groups (ultraconservative as well as progressive) are active that hold views, or have a discourse, of which this blog emphatically distances itself.  Only on the sites listed here under “Recommended Links”, a high degree of religious affiliation can be established or discovered with sufficient certainty.

“Catholic” means “universal”, a Greek term used by St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop, and martyr from the first century. In our articles we clarify how we conceive and give shape to this universality.  To this end, we  consistently  use as many languages as possible.

The main language of this site is Dutch. Many articles were translated into French, while some were originally written in this language. As far as possible, we also publish articles in German, Spanish, English, or possibly any other language. In the menu  you can select the language you want.

We do our best to ensure that the language is as correct as possible, but we ask for understanding of our readers in case of unintentional language errors. They are encouraged to report this. The cooperation of sympathizing language experts is of course accepted with gratitude.


Initiator and editor-in-chief of this blog is Ivo Van Hemelryk, Lic. Antiquity and Art History.  The goal is to offer our readers an open forum with a specific Catholic attitude, based on the Bible and the continuous teachings of the Catholic Church. Anyone who feels connected to the attitude expressed here and wishes to make an interesting contribution is invited to introduce themselves and submit one or more articles for publication by mutual agreement. Some articles were taken from other media with permission. The dates mentioned are those of the first known publication.

Also, the messages of those who disagree with our positions can be published if they are not unnecessarily hurtful or vulgar in nature. They shall be displayed at the bottom of the articles in question.

To open the sub-menus, click on the arrow to the right of the titles in the menu.

We wish you a lot of enriching reading pleasure!

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