A milestone in the fight against death culture: Roe versus Wade ends up in the constitutional trash can

Friday, June 24, 2022 will undoubtedly go down in history as the day of a global cultural, political and moral shockwave, with the Supreme Court in Washington DC as its epicenter.

Following Norman McCorvey’s (alias Jane Roe) complaint against the State of Texas (represented by Dallas County Prosecutor Henry Wade), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on 1973-01-22 that abortion could not be prohibited until the fetus was “viable”. The reasoning was that a prohibition violated the woman’s constitutional right to privacy. The judgment was upheld in 1992 during another Planned Parenthood trial against Casey.

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  • Pag. 16 A milestone in the fight against death culture: Roe versus Wade ends up in the constitutional trash can
  • Pag. 15 European Parliament condems surrogacy
  • Pag. 14 Biden continues to fund the war on unborn human life
  • Pag. 13 Vatican offers help for Ukrainian-Russian dialogue
  • Pag. 12 Missionaries killed in the year 2021
  • Pag. 11 Michael Nazir-Ali, prominent former Anglican bishop, received into Catholic Church
  • Pag. 10 Hectic debates at the UN about the opaque financing of UN experts
  • Pag. 9 DRC: Death of Bishop Monsengwo, the disappearance of a pilar of Congo
  • Pag. 8 Discovery of child graves in Canadian residential school demands further questions as many hatsly attack the Church
  • Pag. 7 Tremendous pro-life plea by a Spanish Member of the European Parliament
  • Pag. 6 Ethical problems in the fight against the corona pandemic
  • Pag. 5 The Holy See & China renewed their provisional agreement
  • Pag. 4 Beatification of Carlo Acutis: The Cyber Apostle of 15 years
  • Pag. 3 Security Council Says Abortion Not a Human Right Even in Cases of Rape
  • Pag. 2 Ex-abortionist and pro-lifer Bernard Nathanson died

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